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Well just got back from my first real trip on the Rocinante (I name my bikes ) and I couldn't be happier. I travelled from my home in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales up to my parents place about an hour north of Brisbane. I broke the ride up over 2 days, stopping to camp in the Warrumbungle National Park (where it got up to 42c during the day!)

it was about 480km on day one, 780km on day two.
The trip back I took the scenic route down the coast, then snuck inland to ride Putty Rd up into the mountains to avoid Sydney (and holiday) traffic. I did the ride back in one day, 15 hours and about 1200km. I was a little stiff and sore, but the bike loved being able to stretch it's legs. He has just on 4500km on the clock now.
While I was up there I managed to get a ride in with my old man and my Lady Friend (ex wife, but we are still close).

I know that a sport tourer probably would have served me better on this trip as I kept to the black stuff, but I am really happy with how it performed and now know that it is more than capable of long distance highway riding. Now to work on my dirt riding skills :)

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