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Originally Posted by Ozracer View Post
Hi Chris
Seasonal Greetings and all that.
Make sure that you get soon good shots of the bikes in action and not your elbow
Evening Marc,

Just back in coverage at National Park attending the annual BMW NZ rally.

All I can say, is get yourself over here, and anyone else who want's to experience some unbelievable country, that is usually off limits to the public.

I'm talking of the NZ Army base at Wiaouru, in the middle of the North Island, its a high desert,Alpine area that covers about 160,000 acres!

It where you can fire some serious artillary shells,(155mm) over 35k's and not hurt anyone!! The Singaporen Army are down here for their annual manoverours.

This area has everything, from hardcore enduro riding to interesting gravel roads, to serious sand, which we found out today.

Have just spent 3 days doing some off road, I was part of the easy group, the crusiers,no 3, then there was the Sly Dogs, no2, and then there was the hard core.

Everyone's limit was catered for.

It was one of my all time rides

Lots of photos to follow.
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