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Day 58

The next morning the wind had dropped, and it was warm and overcast with still air.
The mosquitoes took this as open season on bald guys and set about me with a vengeance. These guys take no prisoners so I wasted no time packing the gear onto the bike and making ready for the day. The guys soon joined me. We left, passing a shrine of the type seen so often in Mongolia, festooned with blue cloth-I'm not sure of the significance but maybe someone will chime in-, but I didn't want to stop for a pic as we'd only just got moving.
We rejoined the road under construction and started battering the bikes on the corrugations, passing a few schoolgirls walking on the roadside. No idea where they'd come from as any habitations we'd passed seemed to be derelict...or indeed where they were going-but the clothing and kit carried suggested school.
After a while we approached a river we'd need to cross, but the crossing was totally washed out and when I waded into thigh deep into the torrent to see if we could get a bike across I could barely stand. Hmm. Problem.
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