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Our saviour

We stood around trying to work out how we'd get across and an enormous loading shovel appeared from the road construction site next to us and signalled that we could throw the bikes into the bucket and he'd carry them across. It was certainly an option but not one that was necessarily our first choice given the potential damage if something were to go wrong.
Whilst we were debating we saw a 4WD cross further downstream where the water spread out into a sort of delta and we thought maybe we'd get across at that point?
A little truck pulled up then and the guy driving offered to carry the bike across for us -result!


We threw Terry's bike and mine up on top and he drove down to where we'd seen the 4WD make the ford, and splashed in...the embarrassment! was only about 6 inches deep all the way across and Terry was muttering " FFS... if Wal'er could see us now he'd be pissing himself laughing at us getting a lift across this"

Just so you all know...Terry's the one with his back to the camera pretending it's not him, wishing the ground could swallow him and saying that the voices made him do it . Sorry T..had to grass you up.


I said "too late mate, they've a feckin' photograph now-the game's up"
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