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We rode off into the day having lost a good hour fannying about at the crossing, and the evidence of serious rain was everywhere with massive mudslides along the road for miles. We started to climb a little and the land dried out with much better going and we could wick it up.
After a few hours we saw some bikes approaching (we'd seen nothing for hours) and realised it was a couple of overlanders.


We pulled over together and said our hellos.
This was a couple of German guys (I think P & B had enough German to better converse with them) on their mighty behemoths, with every bolt-on goodie you could imagine. The guys had some English so they asked us what lay ahead and when we told them of the mud and crossings they had the look of seriously worried men. They were traveling at about 40kph (25mph) as the bikes were so heavy they daren't go much faster. The guy with the GS had a huge- T-shaped structure sticking out of the back of his bike so I asked him what it was for-he replied it had been for carrying spare tyres but when they were mounted the bike was simply uncontrollable, so he'd got rid of the tyres.
These guys were having their holiday ruined by the amount of kit they'd brought to make their holiday better. We'd been having a ball on the run through-they were seriously worried.
The guy on the Super Ten looked at our setups and the nearest bike and said " I want that bike!"
Take heed anyone planning a first trip.
P will tell of the conversation better than I as he chatted to the guys longer than I did.

Meanwhile a group of the locals wandered past so we decided to take a few minutes and have a cup of tea. We built an empire on it y'know!


Here's B getting some biscuits out of the bottomless tank-bag with T lurking and hoping to snag a biccy

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