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Originally Posted by Avocet View Post
I'm interested in the new Sand 2 jacket. I notice that the jacket shown in the Revzilla video does not have the hook at the neck to hold the collar open in hot weather, like the old Sand jacket does. Is that the way its going to be, or is that just a pre-production jacket shown in that video? Also, will the zippers on the arms be of the locking variety? The arm zippers on my early Sand jacket tend to unzip a bit by themselves. Lastly, do you know if the two main outside pockets will be made of waterproof materials like on the old Sand jacket?

Thank you.
Hi Avocet,

We were also surprised REV'IT! decided to eliminate the collar catch back on many of their jackets this year. I reached out to our Sales Rep to ask if there was a particular reason, and he reminded me of a new feature on the Sand 2 jacket. On the outer shell, behind the main zipper is a gusset that is designed to block wind. The gusset has been equipped with a set of snaps along the back edge that will allow someone to snap the gusset back in order to get airflow through the zipper. This, in REV'IT!'s thought process, eliminates the need for a collar catch back. This feature is only found on the Sand 2. As far as the other jackets, i.e. Outback, Excalibur, Levante, I can only assume it is a cost savings decision.

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