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Good stuff here guys. Thanks keep it coming. On to the stupid stuff I was checking over the newness, things like hose and wire routing. I noticed below the canistor there is a drain hose attached that runs down the front. Right before the hose there is an outlet that sticks up, like a tee that has no hose attached. Just open, probably doesn't matter but was wondering if anyone see's this. Has anyone looked at removing or doing a canistorectomy to all that stuff? Just to clean things up if anything.

I saw that the wiring harness down by horn area is pulled extremely tight to the point the wires to the horn are pulled at a very tight 90deg to the connector. Almost the same with the temp sensor. That looks like a potential problem down the road. The crank breather hose from front right side up to airbox was routed tightly between engine and the wire harness which was pushing on the wiring. I rerouted it to the outside for now where some pictures show it hanging out in front.

Also see on mine that the oil drain fitting hose on the other side appears to have plenty of slack to avoid the clamps rubbing on the coolant resorvoir like HF saw.

I like the idea of the clear sheet on the plastic. My tank bag straps were already scuffing the plastic!

I didn't like that metal license plate bracket either.

Sorry for no pictures, I am suppose to be working....
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