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Originally Posted by motorcyclemark View Post
That's exactly how I do it as well Toro, kinda like guessing for the one gallon mark on the ratio-rite for 80:1 since there is no mark for it.
EDIT: (crap just noticed that TORO already mentioned this)...

"However there is a shortcut..." (black bear road, CW McCall)

Well, you don't have to guess anymore! THis is how I use my cup.

FOR 80:1
You know RR cup has 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 gallon markings, on the one side, RIGHT?

Well what you do is, easy math. for any of the gallon amounts marked on the cup, Just fill
your cup up for 40:1, but dump that into double the amount of FUEL.

example: I have 3 gallons of gas in my can, ready to add oil to.
I find the 1.5 gallon marks, fill to 40:1. Dump that into my 3 gallons. VIOLA, 80:1 in 3 gallon.

All you MUST DO is remember the least amount of gas you can easily mix, is 2 gallons.
which if you need JUST ONE GALLON, you just mark the cup on the Ounces side, Right!??

More explaining:

you need to know the "half" of what you are making, half the total gallons you are making, half the ratio.
Then you find that on the RR cup. 80:1 means you find 40:1 on the cup, if you are making 2 gallons,
then you use the 1 gallon marks on the CUP

What is nice is with this method, then you can make 2-6 gallons (DOUBLE what is marked on top of the cup),
without knowing how many ounces for each different total amount of fuel you need.
When you only want 1 (ONE) gallon, then you have 1.6 ounces,
that is marked on the other side of the CUP! RITE???? LOL

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