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Originally Posted by peterman View Post
I honestly didn't even look for the button,, I was already backing away when he wouldn't dicker at all. He said it had electric start as well, but needs a batt. obviously.
I suggest, him being the owner would have an easier (and cheaper) time at the DMV correcting the lost Title issue,,otherwise the buyer will have to pay for Title search, as well as Title transfer, on top of tags and registration.
Put the cost over the top for me.
My thought was to get a small easy to ride street legal bike to put under Linda's ass so she can take the course at LCC and get her endorsement and then put her '66 R60/2 Beemer and hack back on the road.
Originally Posted by oldmonkeybut View Post
She doesn't need her own scooter to take the class. They provide a suitable mount as part of the class.
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YOU,,HUSH you,,,!,,,motive , man,,,motive!
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