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Originally Posted by Silver View Post
Now, probably clipping 25 yard shortcuts the whole time prob is considered cheating but to get around a bottle neck do what you gotta do within those limits.
In the tight woods, I think you would be hard pressed to find another passable line within 25 yards for most of the track. Maybe the terrain isn't this extreme, but at the Snowshoe GNCC guys would take lines through 18" ruts filled with clay and sucking mud because the alternative was bushwacking.

Hill climbs seem to be the worst. One guy doesn't quite commit and you end up with a parking lot. If you're going to half ass anything, make sure it's not a steep hill!

On the subject of sight/practice laps, I don't find them to be all that useful. Except maybe for knowing when an "oh shit" moment is coming up (steep blind downhill, gnarly hill climb, etc). In mountain biking they are much more important because it affects your strategy to a large degree; if I know the top out on a long climb is coming up I can turn on the afterburners and drop/pass whoever is near me. On the moto as a noob racer I don't have the chutzpah or skill to do anything fancy strategically.

Though I will say that traffic jams are thankfully rare in the enduros out here, and when they do happen it's because there is literally only one line to take (e.g. coming out of a steep, narrow wash) so there's not much to do but take a breather.
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