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Easy guys, easy.....

The local guy actually told me they think they will be "a lot less" than the BMW's - and that the delays are more to do with getting the bike through the DOT process than anything else.

He did say there's "a chance" we will see them by August, so it's all to be taken with a grain of salt, I think. It could be another year and a half or more.

Also, when I say I "put my order in" it was a partially tongue in cheek comment - I did not put down a payment or sign anything, I just told him what I'm interested in, and he wrote it down, gave me a card and we'll touch base in 8 ( ) months or so......

I will say though, that if they come in around the BMW pricing, that would most likely kill the deal. Not because the value isn't there, but moreso because I anticipate this bike will see more offroad than my GS does, and is therefore more likely to be damaged, etc. If I'm going to be paying for a lux tourer, I may as well go with the GS and be able to do the valves / oil in 45 minutes.
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