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Originally Posted by Flood View Post
Thanks for bumping this, I re-read everything.

We did the most unimaginative thing this year - throwing more manpower at the problem.

Thankfully, Troy and Doyle stepped up and are willing to help out in the mod squad. The basic problem is still that this is all a volunteer operation, every one having jobs and families to take care of. The ADV team F5 experience will always be something completely different from a commercial, edited news organization. But thanks to Baldy, we also don't have to make our sponsors happy and we don't have to stop our broadcast to show Darts or Curling or Football (and yes, ad-supported forums do experience pressure to censor content that's not in line with the advertiser's "public image").
i'll be around to help moderate & update the cliff notes thread again this year.

i talked to baldy / ops to make sure the servers are ready to handle the traffic that the F5rehose spawns, no word yet if anything on the forum will have to be disabled to handle the traffic load - i'll ask again in a minute and get back to everyone.
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