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Talking 25.000km from Malaysia to Germany - Interactive Road Trip

Dear motorcycle enthusiasts,

I still can‘t quite believe it but in 10 days I‘ll start the biggest adventure of my life: I‘ll ride a Suzuki DL650 ABS from Malaysia to Germany on an interactive charity road trip .

In 2011 I did an exchange semester at the Thammasat University in Bangkok and after this had two months off before my business studies in Switzerland continued. So I went to Vientiane (Laos), bought a crappy motorcycle and drove it more than 5.000km all across Laos. This experience changed me more than I ever thought was possible. Memories of incredibly friendly people - especially kids - keep coming back and I still draw lessons from it almost one year later. However, I also saw the poverty and especially the UXO (unexploded ordnance) situation that literally destroys lives and makes farming impossible in vast parts of Laos.

Now I find myself being 23 years old, having finished my business studies, two years of NGO (Aiducation International) work experience, obsessed with motorcycle trips - and little money ;) So i put it all together, wrote a marketing concept and was able to convice Suzuki and MOTORRAD (Europe‘s largest motorcycle magazine) to support me. Together we will pull off the world‘s first interactive charity road trip!

Many people successfully drove from SE Asia to Europe, but never on an interactive road trip. You can actively become part of my journey by changing my route, suggesting restaurants/hotels/food to try, activities to undertake and so on. You know a spectacular mountain pass in India? You know a speciality that I jost got to taste in Cambodia? Tell me about it and I‘ll make it happen. Whatever is on your mind! I will fulfil the most interesting requests and shortly later post pictures/videos online. At the same time I‘ll blog about my journey to keep you informed.
I‘m particularly happy about the charity component of the road trip as it enables me to give something back to the locals. My Laos trip changed me quite a bit, I‘ve learned so much and really fell in love with the country and its people. So I don‘t want to ignore the poverty in the places I‘ll travel and support local NGOs to help the people a little bit. More about this later...

How does it work?
All the interactive requests should be submitted via Suzuki Germany‘s FB page (Suzuki's FB page). This will make communication way easier for me and you can get inspired by other user‘s ideas and really be creative. Also I‘ll post short updates, pics and videos there (in German and English).

I‘ll blog about my journey on MOTORRAD online (I‘ll post the link soon) and tell you all about my experiences on the road. Also there‘ll be lots of pictures and videos :)

Adventure Rider:
Last but not least I will keep you informed here as well. Whenever there‘s a new blog post or anything interesting happens, I‘ll let you know and will publish a short preview including some pics here. Of course you can ask me anything in this thread or via private message and I‘ll gladly reply. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I should answer them within max. 2 days normally :)

That's me diving in El Nido, Philippines

And my beautiful Suzuki DL650 ABS. Actually it's not my bike ;) I only saw my bike once so far and forgot to take a picture... Next week you'll see the true beauty of my bike :

My route will look something like this. I did some rough planning but didn't really go into detail to leave more room for your creativity :)

So let‘s hope all works out and I‘ll hit the road in 10 days - can‘t wait!!


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