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Originally Posted by Rinty View Post
The Versys is one of the best bikes around, in my opinion, but many riders would find its power inadequate for 2 up riding.

Bike selection always involves "what is the mission", and riding 2 up is a whole different mission.
Maybe most people just weigh a lot more than me, but all reports are the versys 650 has similar power to a v-strom, and the wee has no power problems.

Now, wanting more power for fun or whatever, sure, but in terms of getting on the slab quickly and passing, ~60 hp is fine.

that's, what, 475 lbs of bike plus lets say 50 lbs of accessories, 332 lbs of riders and gear and lets say another 50 lbs of stuff = 907 / 60 ~= 15.1 lb/hp.

A honda accord coupe 4 cylinder 5-speed is 3311 lbs without a driver, 190 hp, which is 17.42 lb/hp. No driver, no passenger, no luggage.

The accord is not "down on power" and does highways absolutely fine, even ones over mountains. (Yes, the strom and versys have a bit more power than used above.)

Maybe "many riders" are those that tally much more than 350 with a pillion and gear?
--Semantics are everything.
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