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KOTW is a myth!
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Originally Posted by Fat Nelly View Post
Been a few other places last month (Beaumont, Big Bear, McCain Valley) but everywhere else usually includes 3+ hours commute or driving through LA and sitting in traffic when you leave and return at the wrong times. Then you get to the OHV area and it's packed with other like minded squids. Hell No you can have it. I like 5 minutes from my house, No Crowds, great fire roads and beat up MB single track with ruts in it, put in a barely enjoyable ride for 3-4 hours then go home and continue cracking beers to get drunk so I forget about the shit I just rode.

KTM might be down for a rebuild anyway so gotta break out the trusty two-stroke and get back to the moto tracks. 80' foot triples, stepups, whoops, rhythm sections here I come. Milestone anyone? I know the owner and we won't have to pay.
Did some correcting for you.

You're going to the wrong places boy! Maybe three hours combined drive time, but if you leave early and ride for 10 hours of good stuff, you miss the traffic coming home. Who the fuck rides OHV areas anyways if you don't have to?

You need to get out for a few days at a time, not just a few hours.
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