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I can't believe no one picked up on this little gem:

You're better off selling the old bike before it depriciates too much? I don't know, my ex wife gave me the 'me or the bike' line. She was gone shortly after. I'm not good with these types of discussions.

As a guy on his third marriage, I can certainly understand this sentiment. It wasn't ever ONLY about my infatuation with motorcycles, but that certainly factored in. Wife #3 told me recently that I could have a new WR250R over her dead body, but that's a little too drastic even for me. And I really like her, anyway. She loves to ride with me and is learning to ride her own motorcycle, so I can live with this (for a while ).

We needed a new car so we bought one last weekend, so that's it for my new bike lust for a while. The good news is we got it at 0% financing, $0 down, etc. so it's free money, like sticking money in savings for a new vehicle but getting it now. I don't think any of the motorcycle dealerships are giving their money away like that.

I don't understand all this talk of "gee, the dealer is two hours away, darn it". Sounds like a great excuse for a shopping trip, my friend! When I lived in Wyoming I was 300 miles from the nearest BMW dealer and I owned 3 Beemers. It wasn't much trouble unless I needed service I couldn't do myself, so I learned a lot about taking care of my bikes myself. You can get anything you need on-line and FedEx'ed in a day or two, so it's no big deal. Being so far away kept me out of the showrooms and kept the lust at bay pretty well. We had dirt bike dealers in my town, but not much of a selection of "exotic" or touring bikes.

Good luck with your decision!

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