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After a very quite night, the sun warmed things up quickly. On my way in last evening I noticed a set of ruins.

Looking at the map after the fact, I determined I was in Slickrock Basin. Could these be old wagon ruts?

The hills are made of rugged volcanic rock.

Routes are decent so far.

Slickrock tank was full. And a nice Stone masonry line cabin.

At this point I was following my nose up and down the track when I hit a t-junction. In front of me was an old paved road, nice curves and decent asphault most of the time, most of the culverts were gone where the washes cross, but I crossed one nice concrete bridge.

Once I figured it out that I was on Old Hiway 70, and knew where I was going to come out on 191, I stopped and had more coffee and a snack.

While resting in the bright sunshine I noticed something under the rock upon I sat.

Funny I found a geocahe, what are the odds.
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