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Ride report & photos ...

Johnson Valley is a BIG place. We maybe rode about 1/3 of it in 3 days. The other days were spent exploring in the hills.

The singletrack in the Iron Ridge is plentiful and fun, until the steep, loose uphills. Especially after Rearsteer has chewed 'em to BITS!

Scott & Airon

We found several rocky singletrack ...

And a little sand ...

A new Kawasaki Memorial!

While Scott's WR426 looked the other way ...

He surfed the Kawibunga!


Some crazy old guy who chased us all week!

Moonrise over JV!

You know its going to be an adventure when you ain't back to camp before dark
on the 1st ride of the week! D'OH!!!

Kim & Scott entertained us by the fire!

The hills to the south of JV did NOT disappoint!

A great place for lunch that quickly turned into standing-room only about 20 minutes after we arrived. What TIMING!!

Although I didn't manage to get a photo of Rich, his FE570 is in the photo above.
Sorry I hardly pulled the camera out that day.

Singletrack that disappears into the rocky canyon (cue sinister soundtrack!)

That old guy playing in the rocks again!

Airon's KTM with MORE rocks!

The wonderful view when you finally exit HELL!!!

Airon's patented chair-warming technology was a HIT!

Frontsteer ...


The road to camp ...

Then we found some singletrack ...

that quickly turned into Heaven!

Airon in Heaven!

The lunch rocks ...

More singletrack after lunch ...

And EVEN MORE with snow!

Someone showers with dirtygirls(tm)!

A couple of minor pyro video links for your amusement ...

I want to thank Airon, Scott, & Rich for several GREAT days of riding!

Also the lovely Kim for guarding camp and just being there!

More stories after I clean up the rest of this stuff.

Catfish ...
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