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I've never heard any comparable story outside of a war zone, tribal conflict or civil war, or long-term breakdown of government (e.g., DRC, Somalia). Obviously there's a lot more here than meets the eye, and probably we'll never have any idea what it is.

For one thing, the description given in the link is clearly incomplete. For example, no one being seriously beaten by a crowd (with rocks, whips, feet and hands) survives that long. This ain't Hollywood. I'd be really dubious if the blog didn't provide context--evidence of real people on an actual journey. In the absence of evidence (photographs of injuries, police reports, or the busted up truck) it would be difficult to take seriously otherwise.

I do know that there have been numerous incidents in Mayan areas of Central America in which innocent (if clueless) tourists have offended locals by photographing or touching locals, especially children. Some of these have ended in serious injury, and at least one resulted in a lynching. Generally, the tourists were caught up in larger forces--deeply held indigenous beliefs, rumors of children being kidnapped and abused or vanished, etc. etc. etc. Presumably the same sorts of forces were in play in this case. For a whole village to act this way, it must have made perfect sense from their perspective.

Waiting to hear more, in whatever form.

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