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Day 2

Next morning we were planning to leave camp by 9am, latest. We ended up doing it after 11:00. First we overslept. Than my "technologically advanced" Shorai battery died. I know I know, it takes a while for it to warm up, blah blah blah. But this time it just didn't. So we had to get a jumper cable from the camp host. At that point I was trying to decide if I should go back home or keep riding. And I kept riding...

Diego joined us at the CG, late night. We had a long way to go on dirt, Arroyo Tapiado, Diablo Dropoff and famous FIsh Creek Wash...

Honestly I thought Fish Creek would be much sandier but after Arroyo Tapiado I didn't feel Fish Creek has any sand at all...
Than came to Diablo Dropoff.

Matt and I took an "easier" way down just around the corner. It was deep sand that helped us to go down slowly. Rich and Diego tried the real Diablo.

It was whoopy and sandy. Oh, and steep as well. All the camping gear on the back made it even harder to stand up and slow the bike down.

But finally we made it all down in one piece.

Then came those big boulders:

And more boulders, this time with a big step down.

Matt was last

Kind of Golar steps in DV

Then we rode some canyon

We had a late lunch at Mecca right before we hit Breadshaw Trail from west. Sun was going down fast and we wanted to find a good spot for camping. Luckily the weather was beautiful and no rain was coming.

You can't really see it in this picture (thanks to my point&shoot camera) but there was a perfect full moon and the sky was crystal clear, at least for a while.

We definetely need a full SLR for camp pictures. We could have captured amazing pictures that night.

I had a little weird moment at Ocotillo Weels. We were trying to meet Ken and looking around for him. Then we decided to take off and look for him at a local diner. Everybody took off and I was the last, riding on the side of the road. A dune buggy past me and slowed down. I thought he was gonna make a left turn like all other off road bikes and buggies to the sand dunes and I accelerated towards his right to pass him. But instead he made a right turn ON me and I went down (#2). I have a bad shoulder for a long time and it popped out again but went back in. It hurt and still hurting a lot... I hate going down on pavement...

As always all the pictures are on my SmugMug.

Day 3 to come...
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