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Originally Posted by RocketMoto View Post
Hi Pista:

Jim's spot on here. The design of the SMH5's mounting is improved over the SMH10, IMO. The SMH10 uses spring loaded pins on the back of the BT module, that mate with printed circuit contacts in the clamp. I would say this is the #1 issue that we see with the SMH10. The SMH10 is not alone, here. The Garmin Zumo's use a similar design between the GPS and the mount, and it's a common problem area on the Zumo's.

The SMH5, OTOH, has a plug/socket arrangement for the speakers and mic to plug right into the BT module. The clamp is strictly a mounting bracket.

Given what you are looking to do, and if you're on a budget, the SMH5 is a great value. We have both the single and dual packs in stock, as well as the various accessories.

Please call or email us if we can help.
Thank you JRW and Andy. Sounds like the SMH5 is all I really need. pm sent...
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