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F650 or V-Strom 650

I have been reading both this, and the stromtrooper forums with regularity over the last 6 months or so. I am looking at getting either of these machines in the spring of this year, and would like your honest thoughts. Both bikes i am looking at would be ~2011. I used to own a CBR600, and rode Police bikes for the Army in a former life, so this will be the first in some years for me, but happen it shall.

Points to note.
I love the look of the BMW. Not many do, but i think it looks great especially in the SE colour scheme.

The only off road this will see is if I am going into a ditch, so at that point, I shall be physically separated from the bike and not particularly care about its handling at that basically, none at all hence the 800 is discounted for me.

The alter ego, read wife, is not going to stand for huge servicing bills or problems without giving me the "I bloody told you so" stare....( i read about wheel bearings and cracked tanks etc...but believe these to be older issues. Tthere are others, not just this, as I am sure there is with any bike.

I dont like the look of the Strom, it has hit every branch of the ugly tree in my book, but you do appear to be getting a lot more of a complete package or deal for the money...farkles and luggage included for around the same price as a bare 650GS. This is why I keep going back to it.

The BMW dealer is just around the corner from me - 1km at the most, the Suzuki is 15km away.

I cant help but feel that...with the strom, i would be dreaming of the BMW wishing it were one, and with the BMW, i would be dreaming of the Stroms running costs and reliability (the bike needs to be a daily 3 season rider for me).

If it were you, and i appreciate the answers will be a little skewed here but hey, honestly and knowing what you know, would,you still go for the beemer?

Thanks muchly.
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