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Does sound like a clutch issue. I'm not sure the exact way this setup is but it could be a stuck, bent or jammed pushrod, the disc may have failed and is fouling up the clutch pack, possibly a damaged diaphram spring. All that would make the clutch feel hard and always grabbing. This would cause running issue as the bike is now idling under load that changes as stuff moves around in there. Ecm cant seem to figure that one out.
You said that you "steamed" the clutch in the mountains. I'm not sure what that means exactly in this context but that may have been the start.
Anyone correct me if im wrong but thats about a $2000 repair bill in the USA. For the amount of work involved the bill is very fair but hopefully they open her up and see something cheap and stupid is the real issue!
Good luck and I'll be watching for an update!
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