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How Much Engine Oil do I pour in the thingy?

UPDATE to my Oil Change.....I poured in too much. And since, figured it out. Sort of.

Here's the deal:

For a complete oil & filter change, pour in 2,000 cc of new oil (which is equal to 2.0 Liter).

It might not register on your dipstick (cold). Don't panic. Start the bike and let it run. Better yet, ride it around a bit until is completely up to normal operating temperature (that would mean when the radiator fan is spinning....for all you Yankees).

THEN measure your oil level. Turn the bike off and give it a few minutes for the oil level to settle. I've discovered its a lot easier to use the dipstick and level the bike for accurate measurement while sitting on it. Surprisingly, I don't have any more trouble trying to align the dipstick cap threads when I do this while sitting on the bike. I've had trouble aligning the plastic threads while standing to the side. Interesting discovery, I thought. Or, maybe its just weird me.

When the oil is hot, it expands and the level rises considerably on the dipstick. The frame ID must be small around the dipstick area, but I'm not sure. All I know is my oil level goes from barely touching the dipstick to nearly Max level, just from the oil temperature increase.

SO....DON'T fill your engine with cold oil up to a level "between the lines" on the dipstick all willy nilly like I did (initially).

Follow the suggested volume from the Service Manual, which happens to mention 2.0 Liter (2,000 ml = 2,000 cc).

I know....I know....the Manual said. But whoever reads manuals? Just sayin it didn't make sense when I couldn't see any oil on my dipstick after adding 2,000 cc. But now I know. And you do too. I'll go back to my original Oil Change post to add an update notice there, as well.


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