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Mural El Tepeyac to Cuidad Valles

Betty departs the motel early in a pair of running shoes. She’s off to see how the town of Maiz wakes up. She returns with a runners glow.

The setting sun and very hungry bellies left Betty’s bike healed but unfinished. Dinner waited for us down the street in a woman’s house. She wasn’t too excited to see us. It was the end of a long day for her too. The old guy watching the TV in the same room we were eating jumped up every now and again to help her out. In Mexico, you are a guest wherever you eat. The check won't arrive until you ask for it. We have forgotten this custom and sit there till we remember. A peak in her kitchen at the end made you understand efficiency. She had it dialed in, and the food was good. She smiled when we handed her a wad of pesos’ and left a generous tip.

Peter’s frolics down the dusty streets also dislodged the nuts from inside the air box that held the cover in place. We never thought of that one. Charlie made his way to the nearby store the motel owner directed him to.

The motel owner attempts to teach me right and left, grabbing a pen and my hands. The results.

Dean’s notes say the San Jose hotel in Maiz was $225 pesos’ or about $19.00 for the night.

We are close to El Tepeyac, and the mural. In 2009, I had made a u-turn to take a picture of a burned out cement building in the town in the right place. There was the mural! We would have missed it had I not turned around. We were not intending to be in this area, but my clutch issue sent us away from Charlie and the boys towards flatter land. It was another must see we put on the list for the group. Since we thought Paul and Kevin were gone from Xilita (no internet to tell us different) we were not in a hurry to head in that direction, this would be worth the detour.

Mural de Tepayac has to be on your list if you are in the area. Someone noted in the group that the buildings had all been picked to pieces, but the two separate murals were left untouched. Did the people think highly of this man? If you look closely at the tiny, glass pieces in the mural, you notice the same man is repeated in many areas. The 30 mile detour is worth it. Everyone is walking around with their jaws dropped. Should it really be called a mosaic?

The second mural is made with 1” rocks. They are very different. Imagine the artist working in two different mediums and still having the ability to keep the scale right.

Peter runs around the grounds a bit before we depart. Again he looks like he was born on a bike.

Bob does a little research on Mural de Tepeyac when we return and finds this:

About the ranch and town.

About the rich guy. el%2Bmaiz%26start%3D10%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefo x-a%26hs%3DDTl%26sa%3DN%26tbo%3Dd%26rls%3Dorg.mozill a:en-US:official%26biw%3D1318%26bih%3D739&sa=X&ei=7-i_ULfgBaKZ0QGviYGoDg&ved=0CDsQ7gEwATgK

The motel operator had a map hanging in the office with a pic of the mural. It also had a picture of Casa del Grall and she claims it is very beautiful.

We turn right about ˝ way back to Maiz and head to the town of Palomas. The road is very rough and missing much of its pavement. I worry about Susan behind me. We can easily dodge the potholes or roll through them, but her suspension isn’t as forgiving. I’m not worried about Bob. He’s a guy!

We roll into the tiny town and Charlie inquires with a man on the street. Casa del Grall is back at the very sharp turn just before you enter town (one block away) and down a dirt road, maybe 3 miles. The group makes a u-turn, and pulls off on different sides of the roads. Susan isn’t up for the dirt and has a good book to keep her company she says, but the group is hungry and Maize will have lunch.

A group of 8 will overwhelm a restaurant. We split up for efficiency. Bob, Susan, Dean and I opt for fish at Mariscos La Jarana. The restaurant is very clean, and the owner and the helper can be seen cooking for us behind the counter. It was absolutely wonderful

The church in the square in is Maiz is supposed to be wonderful. We don’t have time to stop.

Charlie leads us out of town towards Valles. Betty is running a Garmin Zumo with no special maps and without Charlie’s tracks. He’s making loops. Betty has better maps, and can direct us out of town. Betty and Charlie become a tag team for correct directions to travel for the rest of the trip.

We know we won’t make Xilita tonight. The road to Rayon is unimpressive. Turning left on 70, we head towards Cuidad Valles. Charlie leads and I am following. He’s riding a wonderful pace and I have a big smile on my face. He’s easy to pick out in the distance when we get separate several times by truck. The white sides of his city cases really stand out.

I’m in heaven. Motorcycle nirvana. We just kept dropping and dropping and dropping on perfect curves. We pass many signs for waterfalls, but I never see a blinker from Charlie. Stopping at a sign near the bottom and I shout to Charlie that the ride down was just what I came for and wasn’t that fabulous? “NO” he says. And I think he’s kidding. Old mother hen can’t keep track of all his chicks with the truck traffic on the road and he’s not happy.

This can’t be. Charlie too must enjoy this vacation, and later the decision is made to divide into two groups of 4 starting tomorrow. Charlie and Craig’s GPS track work before departure will give us a good chance of ending up in the same town.

Cuidad Valles is a huge, bustling city with tons of traffic. It’s flat. Charlie instructs us in advance that if we lose the group to STOP RIGHT THERE and don’t move. Someone will come back and get you. If you drive around in the city, we may never find you he warns. Following him the wrong way down a one way street, we all make it into the parking lot of hotel SaJa without dying.
We wonder off to El Nortio patio café for dinner.

Tomorrow, Xilita


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