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The interesting thing about Jim Moore's experience with the Green Bay outfit is that after the GB refurbished driveshaft failed, his post says he replaced the front half with an extra unit he had laying around. That unit also failed 10,000 miles later. Something seems amiss here.

At this point, I would not blame an outfit that has been doing driveline repairs since the early 1950s, in Wisconsin, no less.

Remember, there are a bunch of smart Germans in Wisconsin who not only make fine cheese and sausage, but have been running successful businesses dealing with mechanical systems. Briggs & Stratton, Kohler and Allen-Bradley come to mind.

And, while I believe Bruno is probably a fine fellow, I would speak to the Green Bay outfit and ask them what happened to the failed shaft before discounting them offhand.

Good points... There certainly is a price difference between the two. I'm just looking for the best fix as I don't relish the idea of another drive shaft explosion on a major trip. Really sucks I can tell you.
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