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Tomorrow morning, Dakar begins. For those who are there, Dakar is more than a 2 week event. It is a way of life- of going farther, faster, of never saying die, of pushing through. We live in a world that is too often reasonable, too often denatured and dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. Dakar is none of those things. It makes no apologies for drowning the dreams of half her suitors. But that's why we love it, because the feedback is honest.

For those who will start in the morning, the moment they go off the line is the culmination of a year (or more) of work. For months, there have been so many details to sweat, so much work to be done both on the race, and on paying for the race. All that ends tomorrow morning- whatever flaws you've come with, they are yours to the end. It's all over but the doing, and that's where the joy lives.

It's not just the individual experience, either. Being a part of Dakar means that for two weeks, you are surrounded by people who are just as committed as you. People who have rejected what is reasonable descend from all corners of the globe, and the atmosphere that results is charged with magic...

All of us at home get a little bit of that magic too. We get the chance to transcend ourselves for a short time, and that's what makes all the sacrifices of the race worthwhile. The world is watching, and we feed off the strength of those in the ring. We hope for the best for everyone, we wish everyone could finish, we respect their commitment, and we sit back and enjoy the show.

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