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Dan Kyle set me up on my M900. Ohlins springs in the front and Ohlins rear. Works great.

Ted Porter set me up with Yacugar on the GS. Built to spec for sport touring taking into account riders (me and my girl) and luggage. Works great. (BTW Yacugar is Hyperpro has their name on some parts even).

Guess my point is different stuff for different bikes.

I NEVER ride the M900 2-up. Took the rear pegs off. Luggage? Are you kidding me? It sees sunny days only and I act like a hooligan on it. It's a miracle I have a clean record . So the Ohlins are what I want there. Street legal track bike. Sort of. Got a plate and lights anyways......

The GS is the everyday and travel bike. It sees trips through Yosemite, Nevada, Oregon, etc, etc.. With luggage and passenger. But not always. Sometimes the little jaunt from Santa Cruz to San Francisco via the backroads just solo. Certainly it's the wet weather bike. For this application Ohlins just didn't fit the bill. Mostly because of their more frequent rebuild interval, but also because the Ohlins folks (Dan Kyle) admitted that basically it would be a compromise for me. So it came down to Yacugar or Wilburs. After a long conversation with Ted on the subject I went with Yacugar. They are a great shock and fit the bill perfectly.

Any one of these products is going to cost a similar amount of money. I suggest you consider first what the application is then select the product that specializes in it.
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