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As the sun rose over the little town of Jiphat I went for a little walk with the camera
Main street

The river where we crossed the previous evening also a different ferry running

and this curious little sign in town

Main street in the other direction plus our accommodation

The owner's dog, a lot of war wounds but he wouldn't stand still for a pic

I watched this old women in her pj's and an apron and cigarette giving the kids breakfast at a table in the street

David awoke feeling worse than ever, He decided to to return to Phnom Penh so transport was arranged for him and bike.
I didn't think to get a photo but it was a beat up old van like a toyota ace with no back window and doors barely hanging in there , the bike was lifted into the back with many hands, assorted other cargo thrown in next to it, a few passengers in the back but David got the front seat next to the driver either because he was injured or tall
TRAVEL INSURANCE must have, he did went to Thai run hospital in Phnom Penh $700, X-ray's test, Your'e ok just bruised badly. A couple of weeks later and returning to Australia, x-rays, you have 2 broken ribs. If they picked that up in Cambodia he wouldn't have been allowed to fly home

So now it was just me and the 2 guides Pilot and La.
The night before they were saying things like very steep hill, turn like snake and if rain very very slippery
The first endo was Pilot , he came down on some single track, no pic, no pain
The second endo waaaaaas -----Pilot, no pain but pic
He was crossing this bridge when the back wheel went sideways and he slid off the end/ side and down the gully.

The three of us could not lift the bike out so we had to wait for about 30 min for some passing locals to help

some interesting bridges along the way, maybe 6 like this, and as long as the weren't muddy you could ride accross slooooowly

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