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Pics are good, so here are some of the mount on my bike which has just gotten back from the 2012 APC. Five months to return from the rally must be a record.

The mount performed flawlessly, it was shaken near to death before the bike decided it had had enough and spat me off with me being somewhat incapacitated as a result.

The good news was that with the radio easily accessible I was able to position myself close enough so that I could reach the radio and because the spring loaded clip is so easy to operate with one hand I was able to remove the radio from the mount and used it to get help.

There was some loud grunting involved in getting near enough to reach the radio and getting the allen key to unlock the mount.... well it was probably more like a stuck pig squealing, but lets not split hairs. Of course that's no fault of the radio mount so I don't think it justifies a warranty claim.

All in all a great bit of kit.

Cheers, Mike
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