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It's all about layers

The weather here in Alaska changes quickly. Elevation changes, weather changes etc. so bring it all.

Try this:

Base Layer: poly pro or similar
Good pants and Jacket: First Gear, Olympia, Klim......all good.
Electric Jacket (vest maybe) I have found that windstopper stuff works well. (I use a heated windstopper fleese jacket from aerostitch and love it.)

You can remove the liners as needed, plug in the heated liner when needed. Open the zippers if you need air flow.

I hate rain suits. If its plasstic your gonna sweat until it rips and leaks. Plus your gonna be taking it on and off 3 or 4 times a day on some days.

Gloves.....When the fingers aint happy nobodys happy. Oh and have a few pair. (my olympic rain gloves, $$$$$, but the best I have used.)

Boots: Good quality, treated with Sno-Seal or something similar. For extra rain protection buy a pair of Seal Skin waterproff socks or something similar.

Get some sort of fog free attachment for your face shield if your using a full face unit. (the pinlock anti fog on my Arai XD works great...Another $$$$$ suggestion.) I have tried all sorts of wipe on, spray on liquids. None work for very long.
If you wear glasses you may want to try some sort of anti fog solution on them-----good luck, and let me know if you find something that works.

Its just a matter of buy it, bring it, use it.
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