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AK Air

Sounds like this might not work for you, but I've shipped my bike twice with Alaska Airlines,
once in 1993 and again in 2007.
No crate. Disconnect the battery. Leave oil in engine.
Depending on who you talk with, you can have one gallon, or 1/4 tank of fuel.
They don't check the fuel level, oil or battery.
The bike is strapped upright to an open aluminum pallet that extends past the bike on all sides.
I didn't see it loaded, but watching other freight get loaded, they roll the pallet onto the plane,
and it gets locked into rails in the floor.

This option is only available in Alaska and to Seattle, not farther south.
They told me to allow about 3-4 days for arrival in Seattle.
I was able to fly down a few days after I shipped and take a cab to the air freight terminal and pick it up.
Connect the battery, load up and ride off.

Cost was between $650 and $700, part was a hazmat fee.

The second time, the shipper had to be approved. Another member has posted that is no longer a requirement.

Because of your time limit, this probably won't work, because of the delay between shipping and pickup in Seattle.
But if you don't know, you can't consider the option.

Enjoy the ride, no matter what you choose.
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