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Hopefully this will not constitute too much of an hijack,

I was about to make a post re. shocks and saw this one so here goes, my apologies to the OP.

GSA with ESA 2008 with approx 42000 Miles. Mostly ridden 1 up as my main mean of transportation, however long miles are ridden 2 up loaded for Camping, with some miles on gravel/log roads.

Just came back from Baja and did some fairly nasty bits (for both my skill level and the load of the bike), as far as I know the bike handled fine, but honestly I would not know any better.

We are planning a 7 months trip to S.A. leaving in October with the intent of doing some "off-road" as it presents itself, including a fair stretch on Ruta 40, and whatever else the adventure brings to our step. All this to say that I don't quite know what to do about the shocks, I have read a fair bit about the popular options Ohlins, Wilb, Hyper, Toura, and I tend to lean towards the Hyper pros, I think I can figure out on my own which I will pick, but do I need it?

My question is should I really consider the upgrade, is it just common sense considering the current mileage and what we intend to do in 10 months, am I going to be sorry somewhere in Bolivia that I did not do this when I had the chance. Or are we going to be just fine with the OEM and instead use that money to cover most of my gas, and a couple of offshore fishing trips?
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