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Thumb let's get ready to rumble.....!

Hi F-5er's just checkin' in to say g'day and welcome everyone in this truly global community to the celebration, the festival... no... the "lifestyle" that is DAKAR. As our very cerebral and inimitable f5/ADVRider resident neduro (and others here who have been) can no doubt verify... once you've been to a DAKAR, you are a changed person... forever... it's something that permeates to the cellular level... almost spiritual (if you are into that sorta stuff ).

Here at ADVRider the collective DAKAR cyber consciousness that is the F5 f5irehouse and it's inmates have taken this "feeling" and spread it (almost virally ) around the globe... and while nothing can ever compare to "being there" what the ADVRider Racing forums Dakar coverage DOES achieve, is give you... the diehard internet cross country rally fans of the world the absolute best in real time information, coverage and banter on this the WORLDS single most all consuming annual motorsports happening!

There'll be Irritrack live timing links, mischa's excellent spreadsheets and statistics, there'll be PackMules RallyRadio interviews (you can taste the dust through the speakers), there'll be photo's, videos... anywhere an andriod goes (that was a left over from the Billy Joel song ) from people on site, colour commentary, insights, links, conjecture, theory, educated guesses and even rampant speculation all jumbled up in one relentless torrent of information... You WILL be tired, you WILL get lost, you WILL get passed by the sweeper truck and you WILL be there for the thrill of victory... all from the comfort of your keyboard at home. Virtual DAKAR - f5 style... THAT's how we roll here at ADVRider...

So sit back, strap yourselves in folks, it's gonna be a wild ride here for the next two weeks... some of us will make it... some of us won't... but like the meatspace DAKAR, all who are toughed by it, will be richer for the experience in some way (or just certifiable like the rest of us? )

Yes inmates, here it is... comin' at you live by wire, uncorked and live real time at 1000 posts per hour...
it's the ADVRider - F5 VIRTUAL DAKAR 2013...!!!

You KNOW it's comin'... 08:00 AM local Peru (DAKAR START) time...

it's time for "f5i............."

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