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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
Hello Packmule, was wondering when you would show up

I think now all we need is Brimstone and we are good to go.

Stage 1

Special start (local GMT -5) 11h40

Here is the route, not difficult to work out this time, thanks to the map provided by the organisation. Anticlockwise, in red, its more of a short endurance loop with a few dune crossings, its in a zone frequented by dune buggies and rails. I normally dont put this stuff out the day before but given the tail of the field are opening the course, I dont think they have the means to make this useful by this time...

In respect of getting a more precise picture out there of each special I think it is going to be very difficult this year.

Looks like they are going to screw the Google earth mapping nuts (like me), by duping everyone into where the Dakar special is not going to be running by publishing even more inaccurate maps. I have spent the past hour trying every which way to get some proper maps and distance tables off the official website, like IL SS FL etc - no can do, not even on the french site. Any bright sparks out there have a hotline to someone who can help us from the ASO?

What I have found are some basic maps, but none of the usual long sections with the distances... Im hoping against hope that they actually publish them in some kind of live popup on the day..otherwise we will have a lot of F5ers twiddling thumbs...The maps are a joke with only the liaisons being more precisley shown but the specials with a only a very vague flamboyant line, which I do not believe is anything line the actual route except the general direction over the course of the route.

So you see what I mean look at Stage 2 & 3 below, both start from the same bivouac near Pisco

Im getting ahead of myself I know.

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