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Have ridden both bikes in question but have not owned either.

That said, in the past I owned four BMW's. There is a reason some of us say BMW stands for "bring more wallet." Truth told they are great bikes and I enjoyed those I owned, but there came a point at which the arrogant corporate business model, lack of a dealer network, and the constant woman-like whining and complaining of the club members in my state made me disgusted with the marquee. So I washed my hands of it and moved on.

Those things aside, I have since learned to do all of my own service and any repairs short of an engine tear-down. If you are mechanically inclined you can save a lot of $$ on maintenance and avoid the "told you so stare." (Your bride and mine are obviously 35th cousins by virtue of gender affiliation).

Recently, I ran up on a wee-strom owner in north Alabama who had also owned BMW's and who had owned the strom and several other bikes, including a GS at the same time. He told us that after a while, the strom was the bike he went to every time he got a couple of hours to go ride. So he sold everything else and now just owns the one bike.

Finally, I would observe that when it comes to viewing art, women, and motorcycles, both beauty, and ugly, are in the eyes of the beholder.

Getting serious about the matter, my suggestion would be to sit on both bikes, ride both bikes, and buy the one that feels like a solid fit. You are going to be on the thing for hours on end, and the ergonomics are critical to enjoying the bike -- no matter who thinks it's beautiful and who thinks it's butt-ugly.

My ramblings are probably no help on a firm decision, but FWIW, any motorcycle is better than no motorcycle.

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