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Originally Posted by basketcase View Post
Have ridden both bikes in question but have not owned either.

Getting serious about the matter, my suggestion would be to sit on both bikes, ride both bikes, and buy the one that feels like a solid fit. You are going to be on the thing for hours on end, and the ergonomics are critical to enjoying the bike -- no matter who thinks it's beautiful and who thinks it's butt-ugly.

My ramblings are probably no help on a firm decision, but FWIW, any motorcycle is better than no motorcycle.

His comment is very valuable. I passed my driving licence on the 658GS and test rode the Wee when I passed the licence.

They are both smooth and will take you where you want to be taken. I found compared to the 658GS the Wee felt top heavy and found it a bit too smooth. Like it has been said a bid of boring. It's like a Honda (XLV if you want). I missed the sound of the exhaust and the caracter from the 658GS but didn't miss at all the seat . Anyway since I hadn't had the bucks for a 658GS I went with the G650GS single, sold it 2 years later for the 800GS and I'm back on track . I almost went back to the 658GS but I really didn't like the look of it (but I like the look of the SE since it's basicly the same color scheme as the 800GS from 2008-2009) neither did I like the look of the Wee... still don't like it, especially the new one...

Anyway I think if you want to keep a long term bike I'd go with the beemer since it's the one you wanted and you won't regret it because you listn'd to your heart. The Wee will take you anywhere since it's not a bad bike but you'll always regret the beemer and in a couple of years you'll change the wee for the beemer (at that point your wife will give you that look again ).

BTW I don't think BMW are so overpriced. My 800GS is cheaper than my 650GS single (I save like 40 bucks on every bill in comparison with the single ). The oil change is really simple to do and for the rest you have anything you need on this forum. Oh and since you'll take a 2011 you'll still have 2 years warrenty from BMW against 1 by Suzuki (correct me if I'm wrong).

But since I'm a twin owner myself I need to warn you. If you want to spend some hours riding on the 658GS you'll need to buy a new windscreen (and NOT the BMW overpriced Touring screen) and a new seat (there you can take the BMW comfort seat ). And that my friend is the start of the farkling fever...
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