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Originally Posted by indr View Post
Not Loctite specific but thought this would be the place to get an answer.

Re-installing the oil pressure switch on the bike calls for using silicone sealant on the threads.

Would some of this work or do I need expensive automotive silicone sealants?
Wrong product, flat out. If you don't want to run the risk of leaks get yourself down to the local NAPA/Auto Shack parts place and buy a tube of sensor-safe RTV. You'll know it's the right product because right on the package it'll say "Sensor Safe" OR might say something to the effect of "Safe on O2 Sensors".

Don't get anything labelled Red High Temp RTV. It's crap and your brake fluid will break the stuff down causing a leak in short order.

Make the purchase then remove the cap and take a whiff. If you smell vinegar, it's not sensor safe. Vinegar smell tells you it won't stand up to oils fuels, or any petroleum based fluids. Return it. You should be safe with the purchase of a Black Sensor Safe RTV.

Take a whiff of the product. You're looking for a clean smell. These are in the oxime cure family of RTVs and are safe on electrical components, fuels, oils, greases, and any other fluid found on a bike.

What you have pictured is what is called an acetoxy cure RTV. As this RTV cures one of the by products is a flashing off of acetic acid gas which wreaks havoc on electrical components.

I've covered acetoxy vs. oxime cure RTVs in great detail earlier in this thread, it shouldn't take too long to locate the information if you want to feed your head.

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