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Originally Posted by Phreaky Phil View Post
Hey Snowy, i'm surprised you havent taken to that shock mount with you welder and put another plate in on the other side of the shock. The old DR didnt bend shock bolts
Do use your 800 2up much ? offroad.
2 up trail riding is all it does. I live 20kms from the entry to all the National parks and State forests that make up the Snowy Mountains here. I spend my weekends doing trail loops with wifey on the back. There's usually a pub stop somewhere where I get reasonably shit faced before taking to the trails again. Interestingly, I'm more likely to bin it sober than half cut.

Yes, I thought about welding it up. But I had far too much electronics to disconnect etc first. I'm lazy.

I was 2 up last weekend when I dumped it in a river in the back country Snowy Mountains. It's now known as U523. Unterseabooten. After laying it on it's side to drain the airbox it started right up and kept going for the rest of the trip, but the rear wheel bearings shit themselves about 200kms later, and the headlight was full of water and it separated all the chrome surface from the plastic. I'm in the process of fitting an aftermarket 7inch round light.

The old DR is in the shed with the lower frame rail torn out after an altercation with a mountain. Tore the rear brake lever clean off, holed the clutch cover, ripped the bashplate apart, fucked the frame. I'm 90% done fixing it, but lost interest because I have another DR and an F800 to take it's place. Thinking of parting out the old DR, selling the newer one and buying a Husqvarna TE510.

At least the DRs were hard to kill. I gave it a good go, and then still rode it the 100kms to get home in sleet, snow and rain with about half the normal oil volume and no rear brake.
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