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Lots of advice here...some good but pretty far out

If the bike was ok before you put the K60s is HIGHLY probable that it is the tires or the mounting process.

Let's face it semi knobby tires are NOT designed for high best they are just OK. If you have checked the balance, check to see if the wheel is true(side to side and around) when it rotates, is the tire true when it rotates. do you have proper tire pressure.
PS also check your rear wheel and tire for true as well. tire inflation pressure.

If these are all ok....then have fun exploring some more of the far out recommendations here
Having used them, I'd

Likely the tyres have exacerbated a problem that was already there but not so noticeable.

Tyre profile also plays a part here. In combination with rake and trail the wrong profile can make things go to shit very quickly.

I just fitted a Pirelli Rallye's shit on road. I mean, it works ok, but the profile is all wrong. Handles so much worse than it has with just about every other brand of tyre you can buy.

Some of this is the tyre type, some the tyre profile, and some is a combination of the rake/trail and the weight bias.

It understeers like a mutherfucker. On tar, on dirt. Very disconcerting. Once you get used to it, very predictable. But it's hard to get used to skating the front end through a gravel corner at 100kph with wifey on the back. But you can do it.
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