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Can one have a run of indiscriminate negative probability outcomes?, & would such a sample of sorry ass kicks be entirely random, or directed by some unidentified force? Can a patterned stream of repeatedly negative life events be considered directly analogous to the statistical likelihood of repeatedly not winning the lottery, or does a tainted river of bad luck indicate the existence & action of something like a directed negative energy? Is there ‘A Picture of Dorian Brandt’* in some loft, basement, shed or lock up somewhere?, and which one of you Bastiches sold my ‘soul’ such as it was, and now reaps the parasitic dividend at my expense?

Were one to sound out The Golden Bough by Sir James George Frazer** one might ponder as to how such a wide variety of anthropological expressions of such similar cultural concepts could come to be without there being some foundation as to a generic belief in some form of conducting vigour of some unidentified variety or shape.

I can sustain no spiritual belief system I’ve yet come across, tho/ough it's possible to say that in its time stamped world view the book repeatedly demonstrates and describes the vast accumulation & assortment of cultural settings which have seen the concurrent establishment & replication of parallel or comparable taboos & proscribed or inviolable beliefs as seen gathered in their mythologies & comparative religions. Parallel beliefs built up in societies from across the world that at the time of founding had no opportunity of contact or cross pollination. Might this perhaps be considered something slightly other than quirky happenstance? But I can sustain no spiritual belief system I’ve yet come across, so I can only imagine that all fools get fooled the same...

* A stage name I once worked under. Also used Doreen Bryant on & off...
** & but much preferably via ‘Thinkers Dip’ at the ever indispensable Digital Hardbacks.
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