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I need help down-changing impossible

Hi all, kind of new to this, so please be nice to a relatively new 1200gs rider only passing my test in September. The bike has been fine since then, apart from a leaky seal at the rear transmission which i got replaced and renewed the oil etc etc.

New problem is that the bike will refuse to go back down the gears. This happens more often when the bike is at temp. Today on approach to a roundabout in 6th, changed to 5th fine and then BANG, no further movement. It feels like it is no longer an option. Has to dangerously coast round and eventually by going back up to 6th and sometimes even having to turn the bike off and back on i can go back down. I am also experiencing incorrect display at the gear indicator, this usually just consists of nothing just blankness, then it will appear again.

I never ever experience any difficulty going up through the gears.

I telephoned my most local BMW garage (Edinburgh), i live in South West Scotland, a significant distance away and the Senior Tech was of the view that it would most likely be my gear linkage. When i asked about the clutch, he said no. He advised me to strip down the linkage and clean and re-lube. How easy a task is this as i have never worked on a bike in my life and only have a basic tool kit.

Any useful advice would be gladly accepted.:
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