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Are you looking at the new bikes?

My opinion on the F658 is that it's the same quality as the Vstrom but higher priced, minus a brake rotor. why they did that I don't know. The rotor for me is a deal killer, since there doesn't even seem like a reasonable way to add a caliper & rotor to the other side.

The F700 seems like a BMW Vstrom to me. I only like the looks of the 800 Beemers when they're loaded up with luggage, shod with knobs and covered in mud. As street bikes.... Meh.

I think the new Vstroms have come a long way in the looks department, but I don't think the old ones look bad. Having test ridden the F800GS and then ridden the same roads on my Weestrom, I was underwhelmed at the BMW, and felt the BMW had a vague steering and buzzy motor when compared to the Suzuki.

If you're running on looks alone, buy what moves you.

Me, if I had to buy a new bike today, it would be either the new 650 V-Strom or one of the 800cc Tigers.
Where the fuck...
Where the fuck is the bike?
You gotta be shitting me.
Where the fuck is the road?
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