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Have had the HQ Adventure gear for 2 years non. Have to say that I am very happy with it. I live in Victoria, Australia, so we have quite a variance in weather 8 -mid 40's C temperature changes. So far the suit has survived the hot weather quite well. In saying that it still gets hot, but the venting works well, whilst moving. Like anything once stopped you heat up quickly. For summer riding and more off road, slow going I have gone to the Rally jacket. Bit lighter and more ability to open it up. The HQ gear handles the rain really well. Have ridden for hours in heavy rain and pulled up totally dry. Havent really had to use the warm liner in it, as havent really felt the need. Thing to look at is that the fit of the jacket is changed noticably with just the waterproof liner inserted. Feels quite snug.
Crashability, cant comment. Thank good. But the standard 'smart armour" is quite comfortable and doesnt take long before starting to mold to you body shape.
Hope this helps.
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