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Urgent help needed with KLR 650 clutch lifter arm...

Bike is a 2010 KLR 650.

Again, on the verge of my trip to Ushuaia I am stuck on a Saturday with all the mechanics shops closed in Chile. My clutch cable broke again this morning due to shoddy welding (though it was sufficient to bring me to a big city, where I am now).

So, after buying proper clutch cables and attempting to fit one end into the clutch lifter arm (I think this is what it is called... the swing arm at the bottom end of the clutch cable), I stupidly and naively lifted the clutch release rod (the rod that descends into the case) and rotated it backwards. I figured I could simply find the mushroom head again, but after playing with the rod for several hours, I still cannot get it to catch. I can get the lifter arm positioned correctly (at 90 degrees to the body of the moto), but the rod does not move any further, it is stuck on something.

Is the only way to realign the rod with the mushroom head to take off the case? There is no way to select through the gears and play with the arm to get the mushroom head to realign and catch? The rod has now been out completely and the groove looks used, but not damaged. Like I said, it just seems stuck.

If I need to take the case off, are there any good resources to keep in mind (photos, step by step etc...)? Is this doable without having to replace any parts (assuming we keep the gasket intact)?

Really appreciate the help.
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