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Well Cap't Dan, I agree...a breakdown on a trip is more than inconvenient.

I just cannot imagine that the Green Bay outfit did a poor job of repair on the BMW driveshaft. We just don't know enough to make an educated guess.

If it were me, I would call them and explain your concerns and point them to the post dealing with the driveshaft failure.

If I ever need driveshaft repairs, I'll be speaking with them before I decide which repair shop to use.

I'll bet they would like to see the failed shaft and determine the mode of failure.

Here is what I would ask:

1- Do they offer a warranty on their work? What is the source for the parts they use?
2- Are there any particular challenges to performing a reliable repair on these BMW shafts?
3- Do they repair the shock rubber portion of the shaft assembly?
4- How do they balance the shaft after repairs?

These are all good questions that they should be willing to answer.
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