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Dan and Ken, glad youse guys have chimed in. The more, the merrier.

Train/bus/plane, it's all'a same to me 'long as we get to PP in time to buy our bikes. Extra time after the Cam ride can/will be split up as appropriate. Wanna see some Thai and Laos if possible. Chiang Mai is for sure on my short list.

Larry and Danny are staying longer, Dace shorter. I hope to ride as much as possible so renting in Thai is also on my short list. I don't want to carry a helmet around for days and weeks.

I don't have an unlocked phone yet. My Nokia 2610s have to be reflashed and I didn't find anyone local to do it. My i-phone 3 is in process of getting unlocked, waiting to hear back from AT&T.

All else is looking good. Got my maps today (3 for areas in Northern Thailand around Chiang Mai and a full Laos map.) My "GPS" (Open Source Map on my Samsung with full maps for all three countries) works pretty good too. So I doubt we'll get lost.

I have an 0-dark-thirty departure out'a 'Vegas on Monday the 14th. LA-Tokyo-Bangkok arriving afternoon of the 15th local. See y'all there.
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