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You need a 10mm box end wrench to take the bolts off the drive shaft. A turned down 27mm socket or the special tool kit socket wrench to disco the swing arm.

It is advisable to check the condition of the clutch and the rear engine seal while the trans is off getting rebuilt. There are several tools needed for taking the clutch off and installing a new seal. You probably don't have any clutch symptoms and if there is no oil on the shelf under the trans some will opt to leave this stuff alone.

If you are going as far as replacing the rear engine seal a torque wrench will be needed to put the flywheel back on.

It all ads up if you get every special tool called for. Some of them are needed and some you can work around.

Taking into consideration the neck injury you are recovering from the trans weights a little more than 50 lbs ( I think) and it has to be lifted and held in front of you. Many of us need a helper even if not injured.
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