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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
Been around for a long time. In Offroad racing an Albins tranny is commonly linked through a torque converter and NOT through a clutch. You have to start the car in gear and the biggest drawback is you have to shut the car off for going into reverse (off-shift into reverse-start-move back-shut car off-shift into 1st-start car) If you try to shift into first with car running and car stopped it either wont go or it goes and blows the tranny. Likewise with reverse which is the weakest gear in the Albins. The huge advantage is that the torque converter provides a hydraulic damper between the motor and gearbox causing both to last much much longer. However, I digress because Robby uses a clutch. Reverse is still the weak link in an Albins. Drivers say that if you have to use reverse on the race course you already screwed up, so don't get excited and try to jam it into reverse and make things MUCH worse! Clutchless shifts are possible but you need to "blip" the throttle to take the pressure off of the dogs. BTW a tranny like that will set you back about $40K, Robby prolly has 4 or 5 of them in the support trucks.

The really trick trannys are the ones VW used In their Dakar Race Touraegs made by Xtrac. Also sequential, but uses an pneumatic actuator to shift allowing paddle shifters. The system allows a shift in 1/300th of a second, you link it to the ignition system which cuts power for 1/25th of a second and the shift occurs in the middle of all of that lag time.
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