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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
I doubt anyone would protest the outside assistance since almost everyone gets some type of outside assistance somewhere along the line. If someone protests now, a LOT of eyes will be on that driver, and they'll be sorry later when they receive the same penalty!
This ^^^

Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
Being a full half hour behind after a 15 km stage is NOT good. It sets Rubby up for going bonkers and trying too hard, compounding his problems.

and THIS^^^

No need to protest (if it's on film and they want to, the jury can give a penalty without a team having to lodge a protest... if the offense is deemed warranted)... anyway, I think that the x-raid brass will sit on their cards... and wait and see. Past form indicates that RG will try to drive himself back to the front, and detonate somewhere along the way (or do soft drinks implode/explode?).

Either way, RG tend to fight hardest when he's in the corner... but history suggest he - rarely - gets of the ropes in that situation.

It should be fun and spectacular (fast) to watch though.
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